Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes

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June 01, 2022
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Salesforce Spring 22 Release Notes

Check out what’s blooming in Spring ’22. Multi-factor authentication is required starting February 1, 2022. Choose where your prompts and walkthroughs appear. Salesforce Checkout has been replaced with the Your Account app. In Surveys, sentiment analysis can be run on real-time and historical text responses.

  • Salesforce Surveys
    Discover and learn about customer feedback management journey with a learning map.
  • Salesforce Scheduler
    Use Shifts to easily manage service resource availability across service territories with ever-changing working hours. Create holidays to avoid appointment bookings for hours or days when a service territory is closed. Use data translation for standard and custom fields of objects to let users build the Salesforce Scheduler experience in multiple languages. And present only the work type groups that are most relevant to a customer by using the Filter by Work Type Group IDs attribute.
  • Search
    Search brings intelligence and efficiency to users who are looking for relevant information in their Salesforce org. Users in Lightning Experience get the added benefits of AI-powered Einstein Search. The more users engage with Einstein Search, the more likely Einstein returns the most useful search results.
  • Salesforce Data Pipelines
    Use datasets between Data Pipelines and Tableau CRM, and manage recipe runs with improved event-based scheduling that waits until other runs complete.

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