Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Notes

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January 01, 2023
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Salesforce Winter 23 Releases

  • Enablement and Guidance
    Deliver enablement programs focused on improving revenue outcomes for your company. Guide users to curated resources that can help them excel. Bring learning, career growth, skills development, and business-critical job performance to your users where they work in Salesforce.
  • Experience Cloud
    Discover a more flexible way to work with enhanced LWR sites and CMS workspaces, now generally available. Search across content, partially deploy a site, enjoy updated content management options, and more, all on one unified platform. Create branded mobile apps in your LWR sites and use improved navigation settings in Mobile Publisher. Unlock better site performance with enhanced domains, Apex caching, and micro-batching.
  • Field Service
    Manage assets more intelligently by planning maintenance based on usage or real-world elapsed time between maintenance visits. Smoothly track inventory movement with enhanced serialized products. Check under the hood in the Optimization Hub, with insights such as how your response times and resource utilization improved. Upgrade your scheduling capabilities by creating complex work dependencies and retrieving available appointment times more quickly. Showcase your brand’s personality in customized Appointment Assistant messages to your customers. Improve your service by asking for a reason when customers cancel appointments. Envision a custom mobile app for your business, then make it happen with Lightning web components (Beta). And it’s easier than ever to use the mobile app with optimized image uploads, deep links to quick actions, and a unified view of the schedule.
  • Hyperforce
    Hyperforce is the trusted foundation of the Salesforce Customer Engagement Platform.With Hyperforce, you can scale globally while meeting local compliance regulations on a foundation of security, privacy, and agility.

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